The goal of the BOSFILM organization is to produce and show films about the Russian immigration to America. Throughout the last several decades,  hundreds of thousands of  Russian speaking peoples emigrated from the Soviet Union, and later, from the newly formed independent countries of the former USSR to America.

Many of these peoples lead a complex life prior to emigration. They warred,  suffered from anti-Semitism, Stalinism, countrywide stupidity and endured many other hardships. At the same time, Russian emigrants were raised with the great traditions of Russian culture and are highly educated individuals. Russian immigration in America is the junction of two cultures, two means of life. It is an alloy of  Western civilization and Russian culture.

The experiences of these people are of colossal interest and importance to history. The language of cinematography, unlike any another, is capable of immortalizing these people and their extraordinary fates.

We welcome volunteers to participate in our projects.100% of our profit if it occurs goes for our new productions. Support our projects!

- Michael Brusilovsky, founder of BOSFILM 


In more details about the films




Three Films about Love

We love Israel

VHS, CD and DVD for sale

Dance Republic


A Few Stanzas To Our Mothers

               Film chronicle 



Film A FEW STANZAS TO OUR MOTHERS was screened at 10-th Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival in march 2016 and received a 2-nd place in ACM-NE video festival in October 2016.




Boston premiere of new Ekaterina Eremenko film COLORS OF MATH


Film "IN DARKNESS" in Boston 3.10.2012 IN DARKNESS, an Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film now playing at the Kendall Square Cinema, is based on the true story of Leopold Socha (Robert Wieckiewicz), a sewer worker and petty thief in Nazi occupied Poland who hides a group of Jews trying to escape the liquidation of the ghetto by securing them in the labyrinth of the town's sewers. Director Agnieszka Holland has written an exclusive letter to Film Club members about her desire to create an intense and enriching journey for viewers.

Official Web site

West Newton Cinema
Kendall Square Cinema



Film PUPPETEER FROM CAMBRIDGE is selected to open the Films program of 75-th National Puppetry Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, July 12-17, 2011 




2 January 2011, 4:30 PM RTVi broadcasted a program RETRO-KVN from Boston. This program was taped and edited for TV by Bosfilm. Two teams "Harward and Co." and "University Brandeis" took place in the program. 


7 december 2010, 8:00 PM West Newton Cinema Q/A with director Pavel Bardin and US premiere of RUSSIA-88 (Russian with English subtitles.) This film was taken out of the New-York Russian Film Week 2010 by Russian government.



12 November 2010 film PUPPETEER FROM CAMBRIDGE was screened in competition on IV International Film Festival in Moscow, RussiaMore info about the festival in Russian. And more. 


You can watch the fragment of the movie.




  You can watch a video clip produced by Bosfilm for one of the songs from the new CD EVERYTHING I  LOVE  by Galina Bogdanovsky



Bosfilm completed production of DVD and video of the concert Children of Boston to Children of Sderot, which took place in 2009 in Newton High School.




1-4 oktober, 2009 West Newton Cinema, LIFEPOINT, Lynn and club Makor, Brighton MA.  Vladimir Ivanov, director of the movie came to Boston to talk about this movie.




28 и 29 июля 2009 в West Newton Cinema, 30 июля в  Центре Макор. В Макоре фильм  с синхронным русским переводом.



MARCH 6 - 9, 2008


More details in Russian


  March 4, 2008 film  “Pupeteer from Cambridge” will be screened during  Salem Film Festival. 


February 15, 2008 Alla Denisenko passwed away. Alla played a part in our film Affittare Appartamento.

July 8, 2007. American premiere of Ugly Swans in a movie program "Strugatskys Brothers and Movies" 


Details and a fragment of Ugly Swans


Фильм WE LOVE ISRAEL (Bosfilm, 2006) выпущен на DVD.


Film We Love Israel is available on DVD.


Friday January 5, 2007 at 3:15 PM Newton Cable TV channel 15 RCN and 10 Comcast broadcasted a short documentary film "Hoinduras" produced by Bosfilm.


December 2006 We Love Israel was screened at the opening of a seminar on Boston-Haifa partnership. Among participants were people from Israel, New York, Toronto, Washington.

"Affittare Appartamento" Broadband 512 KB/Sec


  (Bosfilm, 2006) was screened on May 7in Village East Cinemas, Manhattan, NY during New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. We consider our film a political and artistic response to Palestinian film "Paradise now" which won both Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Awards in 2006 and was nominated for Oscar. NYIIFVF is the largest independent film festival in the world. 

Article in Novoe Russkoe Slovo "My ljibim Israil'" about film.


Special thanks to CJP for supporting Bosfilm in promoting WE LOVE ISRAEL at NYIIFVF.

Michael Brusilovsky and Boris Furman (left picture)  near the East Village movie theater and Bosfilm delegation at the Opening night at Spirit Nightclub in Manhattan.

New Year Comedy Show 2006, played on New Year's Eve 2006 in Boston Actor's studio in Russian, 22 min.  

  Hi Res 256 KB/Sec New Year Comedy Show - 2006

Lo Res 56 KB/Sec New Year Comady Show - 2006

    Broadband Res 512 KB/Sec New Year Comady Show - 2006


Thursday December 22 at 5:40 PM Newton Cable TV channel 15 RCN and 10 Comcast broadcast a short documentary film "WE LOVE ISRAEL" produced by Bosfilm.


Film Affittare Appartamento (Bosfilm, 2001, 17 min) received a Finalist Award and Diploma at the regional "North East Festival", which took place in October 2005 in Vermont. Altogether about 450 tapes were submitted for competition from New England and New-York in 22 categories. 


Press about a program "Israel. Three films about love". Газета "Jewish Advocate" published an interview with Michael Brusilovsky, director of We love Israel -   Film series on Israel now showing in Newton. Russian Jewish Telegraph published  Israel: Three Films About Love.  Interview with creators of "We love Israel" Marina Gorelik, Boris Furman and Michael Brusilovsky in   "Community." 


Jewish Russian Telegraph - Boston Russian Jewish Community Loves Bosfilm's Movies.

DECEMBER 4, 2005 6:30 PM



Pavel and Lyalya (Jerusalem Romance)
by Viktor Kossakovsky, Russia. Massachusetts premiere

782, Under Further Notice
by Na’ama Marinberg, Israel

We Love Israel
by Michael Brusilovsky, USA. World premiere

More about this program

Thursday May 19, 2005 our film "Affittare Appartamentoreceived four Awards at NewTV Red Carper Award Ceremony 2005: Red Carpet Award for Technical Excellence and Editing in Field Production, Red Carpet Award of Excellence for Most Interesting Field Production, Red Carpet Award of Excellence for Best Field Production and BEST OF SHOW 2005. Congratulation to all who took part in production of this film. The Ceremony was broadcasted live on cable TV.

The film Affittare Appartamento (Bosfilm, 2001, 17 min), about the experience of Russian immigrants in Italy in the 1980's, can be viewed (128 Kbps) or downloaded on to your computer (11 MB). High quality version (285 KB/sec, 32 MB) is also available - Affittare Appartamento .

On May 14 2005 Bosfilm producers, actors, screenwriters and friends all who help up to produce our movies celebrated 5 years birthday of the studio on the ship "Odyssey.". Festival of specially created short films was shown during the celebration.

Heroes of short documentary Something about us (Albright Film, New Jersey, Bosfilm, 2005, 15 min) are Russian-language kids making movie about their parents. This film was edited on Bosfilm. It was officially selected and screened January 15, 2005 in Anthology Film Archives during the 3-rd annual film festival Red Shift in New York. 

Saturday December 18 2004 at 6:30 PM Newton Cable TV channel 15 RCN and 10 Comcast broadcasted a short fiction film "Affittare Appartamento" about the Italian period of Russian immigration in the 1980's. The action of film is occurred in town of Ladispoli, Italy, which thousands of Russian Jews passed through in their journey to America. Film has Russian and English subtitles.

The premier of the film First Generation, First Person (Pervoe pokolenie ot pervogo litsa)" a Russian-language documentary (60 min.) about three age groups of young Russian immigrants will take place on September 30, 2004, at 7:30 PM at  West Newton Cinema. Directed by Masha Gershteyn and Natalie Foshko featuring children and young adults from the New England area.

On June 20, 2004, the Russian community of Boston organized a march and rally called "Boston for Israel." Despite many attempts by pro-Palestinian activists, anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, and neo-nazis to protest and impede both the walk and the rally, more than a thousand Israel supporters paritcipated in this event. You can watch or download Bosfilm's coverage at the links below. (23 min.) 

       Boston for Israel (High Res, 285 KB/sec, 48 MBytes)

  Boston for Israel (Low Res, 46 KB/sec, 7 MBytes)

On April 29th, 2004  the West Newton Cinema was hosting Red Shift,  a New York festival celebrating the best in Russian-American cinematography.  The festival includes films such as "Video Log" a film about Komar and Melamide directed by A. and D. Bloomis, "Stalin's Wife" directed by Slava Tsukerman as well as other short films and cartoons.  This festival has received critical acclaim on the New York circuit and we were delighted to have the opportunity to show it in Boston. Guests from New York director of the Red Shift festival Yuriy Gavrilenko, moviemakers Darya Zhuk and Dmitry Rozin to introduce their works. This program was cosponsored by NewtonTAB and Arca.

On January 15th, 2004, the film "Private Chronicals. Monologue" was shown at West Newton Cinema with the permission of its directors and the film studio Vertov & Co, Moscow.  This film is the culmination of six years of editing over 5000 hours of tape and is meant to represent the life of a typical representative from the USSR era.

Bosfilm held a viewing of "The Puppeteer of Cambridge" and "Just the KVN team" at West Newton Cinema on October 19th 2003.  After the showing, the studio presented the central characters of "Just the KVN Team" with videotapes of the film. Preview (3 min.)

Watch a segment about Bosfilm on Boston cable channel 9 BNN; taped on October 7th, 2003 (22min).

Bosfilm will soon release a compilation of footage and interviews  which includes the unveiling of the Harvard Square memorial dedicated to the puppeteer of Cambridge; Igor Fokin,  the presentation of a book dedicated to Russian immigrant and philanthropist Margaret Freeman-Zarudny, as well as an art show featuring the works of sculptor Konstantine Simuna etc.

"Day Care Graduation Ceremony" - a film documenting the graduation ceremony of  the "American-European Child Care Center", which took place on the 1st of June 2003. 50 min. Look fragment.

A Video recording of the  5th anniversary of the RMS - Russian Math School (11 min), which took place on  March 9th, 2003 in Boston.

Materials not included in the film "It's simply KVN"  due to time constraint: Watch or download to your computer) We learned a little bit of everything" ( 14 min), "Sleep is only a dream to us" (13мин).

Bosfilm's two year anniversary.  An overview of "films about our emigration". The first opinions after the premier of "it is simply KVN". Watch and read about this.

On November 17, 2002 the premier of the full-length documentary film "simply command KVN" took place at West Newton Cinemas at 12 and 2 pm.  Watch the complete version of film -.preview or download to your computer) (12 min).

Work is begun on the new feature film with the working name "Scar". 

The premier of the film "Puppeteer of Caimbridge: the epilogue" and film- announcement "Its simply  KVN" took place on March 3rd  2002, at the West Newton Cinema.

BOSFIL'M sponsored  and made possibe the production of the film in memory of Peter Goodrich, who was tragically killed on September 11th 2001, at the age of 33 years on board  United Airlines flight 175, which flew into the World Trade Center in New York city. This film premiered on September 28th 2001 at the Kresge Auditorium of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during the memorial service in Peter's memory .

The premier of the films " Puppeteer from Cambridge" and  "Affittare Appartamento" took place on July 22nd 2001, at  West Newton Cinema. 

                 Interesting Facts

One of the telephone companies of Boston created a telephone card titled "EuroMAMA" wich pictured  the heroine of film "Affittare Appartamento" - an Italian housewife with many children. 

Alla Denisenko, who played the woman in the movie, agreed to pose in character for this card.


Article about Bosfilm in KRUGOZOR magazine "BOSFILM is not boring"


Article in Novoe Russkoe Slovo "My ljibim Israil'" about film "We Love Israel".


Press about a program "Israel. Three films about love". "


Jewish Russian Telegraph - Boston Russian Jewish Community Loves Bosfilm's Movies.


Jewish Advocate" published an interview with Michael Brusilovsky, director of "We love Israel" -  

Film series on Israel now showing in Newton


Russian Jewish Telegraph published 


Israel: Three Films About Love.  


Interview with creators of "We love Israel" Marina Gorelik, Boris Furman and Michael Brusilovsky in 



June 1, 2005  NewtonTAB published an article about winners of the  NewTV 2005 competition .  Website RussianCommunity published an article about  "Affittare Appartamento" .

“Affittare Appartamento”

Thursday May 19, 2005 our film "Affittare Appartamento"  received four Awards at NewTV Red Carper Award Ceremony 2005, broadcasted live. 

The March 2003 edition of CONTACT, a Russian Newspaper,  featured an article titled "Just five pages from the life of emigrants" written by Tatiana Fineberg, about the motion picture studio Bosfilm.  

"Just five pages from the life of emigrants"

The 80th (May 2004) edition of Russian Bulletin, featured an article titled "Portrait in the interior of time"  written by Euginia Pavlovsky, about the screening of "Pravate Chronicals. Monologue."  

"Portrait in the interior of time"

  Program about Bosfilm studio. Boston Basic Cable ch 9 BNN. October, 7, 2003 (22 min.)

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