Puppeteer from Cambridge

Documentary about life and art of Igor Fokin - the most interesting artist performed on Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. Film contains unique interview with an artist shoot in 1996, where he tells how he became a puppeteer, about his life in the USSR before his emigration and about his puppets which he made himself and treated like his own children.

Screenplay:  Lyudmila Starobinets

Cinematography and editing: 

Michael Brusilovsky
Original music: Irina Frenkel


In Russian with English Subtitles

30 min. ©2001 Bosfilm

The premier of the film "Puppeteer from Cambridge" took place on July 22nd 2001, at  West Newton Cinema.

Film PUPPETEER FROM CAMBRIDGE is selected to open the Films program of 75th National Puppetry Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, July 12-17, 2011. http://youtube/sTFeM1ZmjNY




Published on YouTube video fragment doesn't have English subtitles

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