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It is simple Command KVN
Michael Brusilovskiy's Film

Full-length documentary film about creative way of one of the most interesting commands of American leagues KVN - command of Boston university. 

Why KVN is so popular in russkoyazychnoy America? In what the reason for success? How does be born humor in the emigration? To these and other questions it attempts it answered film.

Film also affects even wider themes - the problem of life in the emigration, relations between the parents and the children and many others. 

In the film participated the players of the command "BU" of different years, actor and director Veniamin smekhov, KVN-shchiki of the 60th, the 70th and the 80th it was annual:  Yuri Makarov, Yefim aglitskiy, the seeds Of livshin, Yevgeny Kaminskiy, Yuri Sychev, Igor tsukrov, the special guest of film command KVN "Harvard and company" and others. 

Are used fragments from the best appearances of command "BU" for the years 1996-2002. 

Music of Aleksandr zhurbin and Yuri vizbor.

1 hour of 15 min. K/st "BOSFIL'M", 2002-2003. 

Premier it took place on 17 November 2002 in West Newton Cinema.


Author of scenario and the director

Mikhail Tunik
Michael Brusilovskiy

В фильме использованы архивные съемки
Stas Pal'tis
Regina Levishchuk
Vadim Frenkel
Mikhail Romanovsky
  а также фрагменты выступлений BU
разных лет из видеоархива команды

 Michael Брусиловский

 Igor Shekhtman

 Yuri vizbor
"song about the happiness"
Aleksandr zhurbina
in execution
By Galina Bogdanovsky

for the participation in the film:

To children Of kVN-shchikov

Masha zil'berberg
To Max furman
To gregu to Heifetz
To ilyushe and sirloin Kudryavtsevym
To ire Nesterenko
  To parents Of kVN-shchikov

To Regina levishchuk
To Galina and by Mikhail filippov
To Helen mogun and to Grigoriy Bril
 But also
 To Veniamin smekhov
To sowene To livshinu
To Yefim aglitskiy
To Yuri Makarov
To league KVN Of America
and to its President
To Yevgeny To Kaminskiy
To Yuri Sychev
To edward Kamenetskomu
To Igor tsukrov
Sowing Pinskomu
(captain of command KVN "Olympic brighton", New York)
Ane Bader
(captain of command KVN "lady from New York")
To Grigoriy Romanovsky
(captain of the command KVN of the university Of brandays, Boston)

to participants in the command KVN "Harvard and company", Boston
 By Anna mirnoy
and also
To Leonid mirny
To Boris and Larissa shafiro
Nataliya musayelyan
To Mikhail viner-Bykovskiy
By Ekaterina gladyshev
Nataliya knurenko
By Nataliya mirnoy
Mikhail sirote

By Galina brusilovskoy
By Anna aleksandrov
(for help in writing of announcer text and editing)

To Aleksandr Heifetz
To sowene To besheru
and it shuffled To pal'tisu
(for consultations and help)

To Aleksandr Zhurbin
(for the participation in the project)

and, of course,
of Boston University
for the support of the idea of the creation of the film


Please email your comments, suggestions or ideas to  a d m i n @ b o s f i l m . o r g

(C)2001-2007 BOSFILM