The film A Few Stanzas For Our Mothers is part of a series titled Films About Our Immigration originated by Bosfilm studio in 2001 and created by award-winning director Michael Brusilovsky. This series includes the films Affittare Appartamento, Jewish Lullaby, Puppeteer from Cambridge, Just the KVN Team and others. All of the films are about the life and culture of first generation immigrants to the US from the former Soviet Union at the end of 20th century, when hundreds of thousands of people, mostly Jews, left a communist society in search of a better life.

This film is created by an international team of filmmakers from Ukraine, Russia and the US. Five short poems are read by three renowned Russian performers. Alla Demidova is a legendary actress, who appeared in more than fifty movies including Mirror, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, and worked in the famous Taganka Theater in Moscow. Mrs. Demidova often reads poetry on TV and radio and was twice invited by Harvard University to read poems by A. Akhmatova. Veronika Dolina is an acclaimed Russian singer-songwriter and poet. She has written more than two hundred songs and twenty books of poetry, and often gives concerts in the US. Alana Kumalagova is a Boston based actress who graduated from the GITIS Theatrical Academy in Moscow.



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